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The Death of Angel III– Falling Gift?

Daren was operating the crane as usual. The inspecting director requested Daren to train Rookie to get familiar with the machine. Death hide and waited for Daren to make the deadly mistake. Finally, Daren made a mistake. Death laughed out loud and said, “No. 1 rule, when operating a crane, one should always bear in mind that the weight doesn’t exceed the limit. No. 2, when a crane is in operation, it’s strictly prohibited to enter underneath the crane. Now, Daren, you’re dead”. However, the inspecting director looked up from his phone and realized the immediate danger. He threw his phone down, hurried over to the site and shouted at Daren to get out of the clearance zone. By a hair’s breadth, Daren escaped death. Death was outraged and rushed down to the clearance zone cursing fanatically. In the middle of letting off his frustration and steam, the cable wires broke off and fell directly on him before he realized it.

Through the story, we would like to remind labor that the death is surrounding if you don’t check the details carefully.

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  • Updated:2016-06-28
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