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Safety Inspection of Dangerous Equipment in Continuous Production Process[ILOSH106- S315]

  • Publish Date:2019-05-31


In order to maintain the safety of petrochemical plant processes, in past and existing regulations, conducting regular external inspection and internal open inspection for hazardous equipment units have been required. However, in recent years, domestic and foreign regulations have gradually been revised toward the concept of system safety management and risk assessment with the expectation that the effective frequency of equipment damage will be reduced by effective system security management on weekdays and that the appropriate internal inspection time will be determined by the concept of equipment safety life and risk benchmark inspections. The expectation is that it can be effectively maintained while taking into account production efficiency of the safety of continuous process equipment.

This project compiles the latest management regulations, actual practices, and promotions of the national dangerous equipment inspections; it also studies the feasibility of establishing safety management of domestic petrochemical plants. During the implementation process, experts and scholars are invited to learn about the dangers of continuous manufacturing in the domestic industry including the management and operation of the equipment such as the actual application of PDCA, PSM, MI, FFS and RBI technologies. This is done in order to recommend and make proposals for system safety management and the application documents for the dangerous equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels and high-pressure gas setting equipment suitable for our national characteristics.

Analysis is done for the practices that domestic petrochemical plants can use to promote the continuous operation process safety management system, evaluate the feasibility of the inspection unit and the review system, and write reference cases. In conjunction with the implementation of the inspection of the process system, proposals for amendments to the laws and regulations are proposed to improve the effective management of the safety of hazardous equipment in petrochemical plants.


Keywords: Organic solvents, Static electricity, Fire, Explosion

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