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Investigation and Cohort Study of Occupational Diseases among Workers Exposed to Asbestos(III)

  • Publish Date:2021-10-07

There are six major tasks in the present study, which are the following: 1. To conduct literature review on occupational diseases investigation and cohort study of workers exposed to asbestos. 2. To link labor insurance data, cancer registry data, etc. to screen domestic workers and companies that may have occupational diseases due to exposure to asbestos. 3. To conduct cancer risk assessment among workers exposed to asbestos. 4. To investigate occupational diseases caused by suspected exposure to asbestos. 5. To evaluate asbestos/asbestos-containing products used for industries. 6. To conduct asbestos exposure assessment and questionnaire study among building demolition and/or repair workers in Taiwan. The asbestos exposure high-risk enterprises and labor database established by this research is recommended as an important reference for the identification and certification of occupational diseases in the future.


Asbestos body

Asbestos body

  • News From:Division of Occupational Hazards Assessment
  • Updated:2021-10-28
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