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Intervention Study for High Risk Group of Occupational Cancer in the Manufacturing of the Fabricated Metal Products Industry (III)

  • Publish Date:2021-10-11

The safety and health counseling recommendations of this study include the following: (1) For the manufacturing processes with higher exposure risks in the manufacturing of fabricated metal products industry, such as the melting zone and the sandblasting zone, it is recommended that business units strengthen the ventilation and exhaust design of the area to reduce the risk of worker exposure. In addition, inspection points should be implemented for process equipment, operating procedures or operating methods, and professional technical teams should be introduced to design and improve safety and health equipment and related measures to reduce the exposure risk of labor. (2) The mobile local exhaust device, air curtain device, and annular exhaust device established in this study can effectively reduce harmful substances in the labor working environment, and the recommendation for it to be promoted and applied in business entities.

Annular suction device


Annular suction device

  • News From:Division of Occupational Hazards Assessment
  • Updated:2021-10-28
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