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Assessment of the Benefits of Using Respite Service in Families with Foreign Care Workers' Families

  • Publish Date:2021-11-01

Respite service is a long-term care policy for family carers "short break" program, the purpose of this research is to explore the current status of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s jointly promoted program of the “Expanding the use of respite services for foreign care workers' families”.
This research analyzes the policies and background of Taiwan's foreign nursing labor force through literature analysis, as well as the respite service information in Europe, America and Taiwan, and conducted 429 questionnaires (117 employers and 292 foreign nursing workers) and qualitative aspects.
The research recommends the following: (1) Respite service application regulations, the care recipient’s long-term care needs level (such as: grade 7 or 8 dementia), and the employer’s age and physical condition should be specifically included for the relaxation conditions of the respite service. (2) It is necessary to strengthen the publicity window for current long-term care policy which includes respite service and the accessibility of the application process resources. (3) It is recommended that the service before and after discharge, whether it is the employment of foreign nationals, the use of long-term care services, etc., can be provided with a unified window for the entire consultation and support of the case teacher. (4) It is recommended to encourage foreign care workers and their family members to use more public community bases to expand interpersonal relationships.

The documentary:「Who cares?Do you? Do I?We do!」

The documentary:「Who cares?Do you? Do I?We do!」

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  • Updated:2021-11-01
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