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  • Publication Date:2016-05-18


Division of Labor Market
For research on industrial development and labor demand, labor force participation rate, labor and economic analysis, summarized security functions, etc.

Division of Labor Relations
For research on Industrial relations, working conditions, labor welfare, labor insurance, etc.

Division of Occupational Safety
For research on safety policies, safety regulations, safety inspection technology, chemical safety, mechanical and electrical safety, construction safety, fire and explosion prevention techniques, disaster prevention systems and safety protection equipments, etc.

Division of Occupational Hygiene
For research on ergonomics musculoskeletal injury prevention, occupational health management system, pest control and air protection technology, and emerging occupational health problem assessment and improvement techniques, etc.

Division of Occupational Hazards Assessment
For research on hazardous materials sampling and analysis techniques, investigation management of exposure to harmful factors, sampling equipment performance, labor and workplace health management and assessment, occupational and biological indicators of exposure, occupational injury surveillance systems and surveillance technologies, occupational epidemiology, etc.

Division of OSH Exhibitions
For promotion and dissemination of research results, knowledge of labor health and safety.

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