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For the Achievement of " Secure Work, Safe Workplace, Safe Labor and 100% Corporate Integrity", the Ministry of Labor joined the Ministry of Justice to Organize the Corporate Integrity Forum 2022

  • Publication Date:2022-12-28

On October 5, 2022, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) co-hosted the Corporate Integrity Forum 2022 with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Ms. Janice Lai, President of NEC Taiwan, gave a keynote speech on " To Develop Corporate Integrity on the Basis of Occupational Safety". Tim Tregenza and Dianah Brown from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and Safe Work Australia also shared their thoughts on workplace violence prevention, an emerging topic of occupational safety and health, via prerecorded talks. Moreover, the panelists of the two forums discussed corporate integrity and shared their experiences in "Secure Work", "Safe Workplace" and "Safe Labor".

The forums began with statements by Minister Hsu Ming-Chun of the MOL, Minister Tsai Ching-Hsiang of the MOJ, and Representative Jenny Bloomfield from the Australian Office Taipei. According to Minister Hsu Ming-Chun, corporate integrity has become a widespread pursuit across the globe in the past few years; a corporation cannot compete with others unless it achieves ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals. By organizing this event, the MOL seeks to bring together public and private sectors and achieve the vision of " Secure Work, Safe Workplace, Safe Labor and 100% Corporate Integrity" to build a stable, secure, and safe environment for laborers.

The first forum was themed on "The Corporate Integrity from Anti-corruption and International Practice" and hosted by Deputy Director-General Shen Feng-Liang of the Agency Against Corruption of the MOJ. It touched upon issues such as "how employees can jointly build a culture of anti-corruption and ethical management" and "global trends and outlook of corporate integrity and governance". The second forum was centered on "Applying Technology to Implement Labor Safety with ESG Concept" and hosted by CEO Ho Jiune-Jye of the Center for Occupational Accident Prevention and Rehabilitation. Matters discussed included "implementing corporate governance and secure work, safe workplace and safe labor via ESG philosophy" and "how to use IT to reinforce occupational safety and health". The event allowed attendants to learn from some of the best in the field and align with international practices by sharing the latest experience in corporate integrity, anti-corruption, and workplace violence prevention around the world and fully exploring how to use technology to ensure occupational safety and health and implement an ESG philosophy.

Keywords: Corporate Integrity, Safety and Health, ESG

Group photo of the Corporate Integrity Forum 2022

Group photo of the Corporate Integrity Forum 2022

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