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Delegation of the U.S. Federal Labor Officials Visited the Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Labor to Exchange Opinions on International Occupational Safety and Health

  • Publication Date:2022-12-30

Javier Ramirez, Designee Director from the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), Cynthia L. Attwood, Chair from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC) and Sarah Cudahy, Associate Deputy Director from FMCS, accompanied by Kuei-Yen Liao, Secretary, the Ministry of Labor to visit Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety, Ministry of Labor (ILOSH) at 10:00 am on December 23, 2022. The ILOSH Deputy Chairperson, Yu-Wei Chen hosted and presided over the meeting to introduce issues related to the research outcomes of occupational safety and health in Taiwan. U.S. Federal Labor Officials (U.S. Officials) raised that construction worker had serious occupational injuries in both of U.S. and Taiwan. U.S. and Taiwan should move forward together. ILOSH also provides relevant briefings so that U.S. Federal Labor Officials can better understand the current status of various occupational safety and health promotions in Taiwan and responsibilities of ILOSH.

U.S. Officials visited the ventilation laboratory of the Division of Occupational Hygiene to experience the schlieren photography technology for detecting harmful gases in the workplace and to learn the air curtain devices for reducing cooking fume exposure. Furthermore, U.S. Officials visited the Labor Safety and Health Experience Center of the ILOSH and experience AI & IoT image recognition technologies to assist industries to improve on unsafe behaviors and facilities. Moreover, U.S. Officials watch the 3D animation film "Crucial Moment" which won the first prize of the International Industrial Safety Promotional Video, and realized about the current status of various occupational safety and health research in ILOSH. U.S. Officials appreciated that ILOSH research staff applied IoT and smart technology to occupational safety and health, such as industrious smart helmet. U.S. Officials can understand that Taiwan's Occupational safety and health work is professional and hardworking, and it is indistinguishable from the advanced countries in the world. In the meanwhile, U.S. Officials understood that the ILOSH can also grasp the latest control measures of advanced countries and recommend these measures to be adopted into Taiwan's occupational safety and health regulations to protect workers’ safety and health.

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