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Ventilation Facilities Improvement and Management of Metals Manufacturing

  • Publication Date:2019-07-02



Metal Manufacture Industry includes various processes, and the emissions and characteristics of pollutants are different. Therefore, the proper design of ventilation system is needed to reduce exposure of workers in the workplace. In this study, the information of regulation, policy, standard and management of ventilation in different countries and Taiwan were collected. Also, the status and improvement for various workplaces of Metal Manufacture Industry are investigated. Fifteen sets of ventilation system were evaluated in workplace of Metal Manufacture Industry by observation, smoke test, velocity and pressure measurement of hood and duct, direct-reading dust device as well as the VOC detector. The improvement suggestions are provided by professionals. It is found that the emission characteristic of pollutants is not considered at the design stage of ventilation system, and the poor efficiency is expected. The measurement of velocity and pressure of the duct are not executable due to the lack of opening in the duct. The opening of the duct is necessary to obtain the needed information of the ventilation system. Finally, the guideline of ventilation system for the Metal Manufacture Industry is provided for the future design, performance evaluation and maintains of management.


Keywords: Metal Manufacture Industry, Industrial Ventilation, Ventilation Design, Evaluation and Diagnosis Technique

  • Source:Division of Occupatinal Hygiene
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