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Combine Hilbert-Huang Transform and Order Tracking Methods in Fault Diagnosis of Machinery

  • Publication Date:2017-10-31

The paper applies the planet gear deceleration machine for fault diagnosis analysis of study,
Because of the gear rises to change down the stage is one kind of unsteady process, is unable to
conform to Fourier to transform to the signal stable request, therefore, cannot use conventional the
spectral analysis method to carry on the analysis processing, so this use of order tracking based
on Hilbert-Huang transform method to analyze unsteady signal. At first carries on the experience
modality decomposition to the vibration signal to obtain the signal inherent modality function, Then
obtained for each intrinsic mode function of the received signal after Hilbert transform instantaneous
frequency and instantaneous amplitude and corresponds to the time then you can get HHT time
frequency spectrum then takes spectrum of two time points from the time frequency spectrum, observe
the rpm frequency and resonance frequency, and then obtains the signal impulse by each instantaneous
frequency to correspond the vibration signal the resampled time, according to this resampled time
to the original signal carries on resampled in angle-domain, finally using order tracking to analyze
resampling signal. The simulated signal and the example analysis has confirmed this method accuracy
and the reliability, then takes order spectrum of two time points from the time order spectrum,
observed whether the fault by order amplitude changes.

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