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The Comparison of Fire Analysis between FDS and ALOHA Programs for Petrochemical Plants

  • Publication Date:2017-11-30

The ALOHA(Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres) model is always used for emergency
response evaluation in industries and firefighting area recently. In this study, FDS(Fire Dynamics
Simulator) and ALOHA programs are used to simulate fire scenarios in petrochemical plants to analyze
and compare the differences between them. FDS can simulate the fire scenarios with water spray
system since the radiation effects can be significantly affected by water spray and burning materials in
the same tank. The ALOHA model, however, cannot simulate the effects of obstacle and water spray
system. Therefore, FDS is recommended to use in the radiation simulation in the industrial fires. The
simulation results can also be used to modify the emergency plan to control fires earlier and prevent
loss of properties and human.

  • Source:Division of OSH Exhibitions
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