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An Investigation in Methodology of Strength Inspection and Verification for Finite Element Analysis of Special Shape Pressure Vessels

  • Publication Date:2017-12-31

For manufacturing and design of pressure vessel, qualified factory and inspection institution both
cannot confirm the strength under the maximum usage pressure due to lack of rule and regulation in
national standard (such as CNS 9788), or method in traditional mechanical theory. Depending on the
concerning hydrostatic test of CNS 9788 section 11.8: In a portion of a special shape pressure vessel or a pressure vessel, if it is difficult to calculate the strength, it is able to use the section 3 (examining water pressure text) of CNS 9801, and appendix 3 (experimental stress analysis) of CNS 9799 to determine the pressure vessel or part of pressure vessel the maximum allowable use of pressure. But advanced countries such as the United States, the European Union, Japan and China, finite element analysis of pressure vessel have been included in the national standard limited, therefore, the study results of this article can provide the referred norms that pressure test and finite element method (FEM) to establish evaluation and detection methodology of the pressure vessels in special shape for qualified
vendors and inspection institution. As a result of the inspection model of the project and steps,while the type of qualified manufacturers as the strength of the stress analysis of the project and the steps, so the type of qualified manufacturers of finite element stress analysis of the complete project and its steps include input and output data to the inspection and inspection agencies, According to the same items and steps to check its correctness , and check integrity and correctness of the data.

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