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Title Department Publish Date
Ministry of Labor Formulates Ethical Code for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes and Establishes Disqualification Mechanism for Unsuitable Mediators ILOSH 2017-06-27
The President has promulgated related amendments of the Labor Standards Act pertinent to the "Five-Day Work Week" with the exception of articles with specific dates of implementation ILOSH 2017-02-25
The Ministry of Labor to Protect Social Insurance and Interests of Employees in Response to the Special Situation of Unpaid Parental Leave ILOSH 2017-02-25
The Ministry of Labor Promotes Labor Education Comprehensively, Starting with Debates ILOSH 2016-10-31
Highlights of the Ministry of Labor ILOSH 2016-09-19
Minister of Labor provides incentive payments to the unions entering the collective agreement ILOSH 2016-09-07
The Ministry of Labor relaxes the conditions required to apply for childcare measures subsidies — Employers providing employees childcare subsidies may be subsidized up to a maximum amount of NT$600,000. ILOSH 2016-09-05
Ministry of Labor guides business entities to assess and appropriate the labor pension reserve funds for labor eligible for retirement every year ILOSH 2016-08-08
Ministry of Labor Expands the Subsidy to Enterprises Advocating for Work-Life Balance to Create the Win-Win of Both the Labor and the Management ILOSH 2016-08-08
Ministry of Labor actively invited Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union and China Airlines to initiate bargaining against seven appeals provided by Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union. ILOSH 2016-07-29