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Working Together to Protect the Job Safety of Mountain Porters

  • Publish Date:2022-06-20
Working Together to Protect the Job Safety of Mountain Porters
Working Together to Protect the Job Safety of Mountain Porters

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) is concerned with the safety and health of mountain porters because of the special essence of their task. To protect their labor rights, the MOL established the Guidelines for the Occupational Safety and Health of Mountain Porter Task. These guidelines provide mountain porters and those receiving porter services with instructions and recommendations on necessary preventive equipment or scheme when implementing porter work. We call on all related parties to work together to implement the hazard prevention of mountain porter task.

Mountain porters accept commissions to carry heavy items around various mountain areas. Apart from carrying heavy items, mountain porters are also exposed to considerable hazards due to the difficulties and physiological stress caused by working in mountain areas of high altitudes and bad weather. According to the results of the "Biomechanical Study on the Workload of Porters" conducted by the Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, MOL, in 2018, 87% of mountain porters thought their porter task would cause them to musculoskeletal disorders, while 55.4% of them have suffered work-induced injuries. Therefore, these guidelines were formulated to provide a reference point. Mountain porters should develop a safety and health strategy, take necessary preventive scheme and carry appropriate equipment within a reasonable range before engaging in porter task to reduce the risk.

Through these guidelines, the MOL hopes to offer recommendations on preventive equipment or scheme for mountain porters and mountaineers receiving porter services. These guidelines allow mountain porters to avoid increased risks and accidents due to a lack of preparation, and to evaluate the costs of safety operations and risk prevention required in offering this service. In addition, through these guidelines, mountaineers receiving these services must understand the safety and health risks involved in mountain porter task, and concern the costs attached to the necessary preventive equipment and protective scheme, and the porters' labor rights. Let's work together to prevent potential hazards in mountain porter work.

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