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Division of ILOSH Exhibitions

  • Publish Date:2016-05-18

The Division of ILOSH Exhibitions is responsible for promoting safety and health knowledge and promote the research results. The Division of ILOSH Exhibitions is in charge of publications, labor safety exhibitions, application of results of technological R&D, as well as technical transfer and communication with domestic and foreign research institutes for exchange. The public can access needed information via the Exhibition Hall, and gain understanding in workplace safety and health. Ground floor of the Exhibition Hall is open on weekdays for the public or academic groups to visit. In addition to all kinds of easy-to-understand displays on labor safety and health, there are also actual examples and models explaining workers’ stresses at work and how to humanely prepare ideal working environment. The Exhibition Hall also actively organizes all kinds of labor safety exhibitions, to educate visitors the importance of safety and health, and to change their attitude and behavior in order to increase the awareness of occupational safety and health. Also, the Exhibition Hall reminds all employers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, and hopes that all people are aware of labor safety and health issues in order to reduce the risk of occupational disasters and accidents.

September 12, 2013, Visit by Foreign Delegation

September 12, 2013, Visit by Foreign Delegation

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  • Updated:2016-06-28
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